Are you a tourist who doesn't know what to do anymore in Maarssen? Are you bored by the indoor pool and other facilities that your hotel offers you? Do you like nature and long walks? Or do you like discovering new things about foreign countries? Then you are in the right place. Today I will present you some of the best tourist attraction from Maarssen and surroundings.

1. There are a lot of public parks to visit in this area. Ceylan Finans, Park Vechtenstein, Park haarrijn, Haarrijnseplas, Park Doornburght, Goudestein or Tuintechniek Schalko BV are some of the many parks in Maarssen and surroundigs. The average distance to these parks is 5-9 km away from the center of Maarsse. They are all peaceful, big places, perfect for long walks and families with children because there are a lot of playgrounds for children. Teens also have many places to practice sport, football, basketball or volleyball.

2. Spa Sereen is located on Westbroekse Binnenweg 2a Street and it is the perfect place to spend a quiet time alone or with your family. There is a modern indoor pool with many Jacuzzi tubs, a small outdoor pool, a cozy, comfortable sauna place, a big parking lot and friendly staff. This place has a lovely opening to the river and it is another reason why it is a perfect place to relax.

3. Kinderboerderij Otterspoor it is a farm zoo located on Reigerskamp 198. It has a lot of animals to pet, including goats, rabbits, chickens, cows, horses, pigs. This quiet, peaceful place is perfect for families with children because we all know that they love animals and petting them. Children can be left in the care of a teacher in the education center while their parents enjoy a perfectly quiet walk in the big park this place has. The education center has a beautiful garden where children do different activities and they can play with other kids in a safety location.

4. Goudestein is an old city hall located on Diependaalsedijk 19 Street. It is perfect to visit for people who are passionate about architecture and history because this building has a unique design and is very well maintained. This place has a park opened to public, but the building is generally used for wedding parties.

5. Bison Bowling Maarssen is located on Bisonspoor 2023 Street. This is a great place for spending a Friday night with your friends or family, it has a bowling alley, room escape games and a friendly, cozy atmosphere. The indoor design is very modern and they will offer you delicious burgers and barbecues. Also, a great place to visit along with one of our deluxe GFE girls.

6. Kruiskerk is a traditional church in the middle of Maarssen. It is a nice place to visit while you walk along the canals. This is one of the most visited places from this little beautiful town. The area has a lovely, romantic atmosphere and it is perfect to visit at night. The restaurants from there are the best choice when you want to have a relaxed time.