Erotic Massage



People have always tried to accomplish full relaxation of the body and mind. Besides visiting the city, another great way to achieve relaxation is through an amazing session of massage, either in an erotic way, either in a traditional way. You choose the best way of relaxation, but today I will present to you some of the erotic types of massage and I will tell you why having an erotic massage is way better than having a traditional one.


is the basis of all erotic massages. When giving an erotic massage, the main thing our escorts use is their hot, toned, naked body. Our beautiful women are trained by top masseuses and this is one of the reasons they are so good at it. They will use their oiled body to make your whole world go crazy. This type of massage is usually used by couples in their private life to improve their sexual drive and to enhance the flow of the blood. Having a woman so close to you will eventually make possible a great connection between you two and this way you will be able to have a more intense night. Starting your night with a body to body massage is the best way to enjoy a wonderful time with your companion.


is a professional type of massage which can be given only by trained escorts. As you might think, some of our companions are into this kind of massage and they are periodically sent to massage classes to improve their technique and abilities. Nuru Massage implies having a big glass bowl with warm water near the receiver and the special Nuru Gel massage. This is not a common oil massage, the Nuru Gel is used only in Nuru Massage and it needs to be mixed with warm water before being poured on the receiver's back. This is why you need that bowl of warm water near the table massage.


is a great combination between sensual touches and wonderful pleasures. Thai Massage focuses on the intimate parts of the receiver and on the lower body. It is usually finished with a happy ending and it uses a lot of oil massage. Depending on your preferences, our amazing escorts will use a scented oil massage. This type of massage is great for short sessions and among its benefits we can find the following: improved sexual drive and sleep, no more stressed mind and no more tense muscles.


is another professional type of massage which will make you have a great connection with your escort. But besides that, you will have a deeper connection between your body, mind and spirit too. This type of massage has its origins in the Indian tradition and it has been used since ancient times to make the human body relaxed. Tantra Massage has a lot of benefits like improving sexual drive and sleep, filling the receiver's body energy, helping the receiver to connect his body with his mind and it is a great prelude to sexual intercourse.


is a special kind of massage that requires two hot escorts so you might consider booking a threesome escort. They will combine different types of massage to make you feel better and relaxed. Let's play an imagination game. Two sensual girls are in front of you, only wearing sexy lingerie. One is brunette, the other one is blonde, one is shy and calm, the other one is naughty, with a great dominant attitude, one seems to be the perfect girl for a Body to body massage, and the other one seems to be the perfect girl for a Thai massage. Imagine feeling their delicate hands messing with your whole body, touching you in every little place, focusing on your intimate one. Imagine having a combination between an amazing striptease show, a sexy role-play and a great session of erotic massage. Imagine them kissing, touching and pouring oil massage on each other bodies. These two women are here to give you an exciting, intense, and new adventure. They will try and fulfill all your fantasies. Have I made you interested enough?

Erotic massage is way better than the traditional one because it is the best combination between total relax of the body and intimate pleasures. All our massage escort girls will provide high-quality services, discretion and most of all, intimacy. You will always feel comfortable and this is the perfect way to a wonderful night with your escort. If you are ready for the night of your life, why don’t you give us a call? A perfect escort will come to your place and will offer you an amazing time.